Benefits and drawbacks of solar roof house

Currently, the installation of solar rooftops (Solar Rooftop) or solar roofs is becoming very popular Due to the increased cost of electricity As a result, people are turning to alternative energy such as sunlight in order to save money in the long run. But before deciding to install it, let’s study the benefits and drawbacks of solar roof house . Let’s go first. Will it really be worth investing in?

Save on electricity bills and environmentally friendly
Solar roofs require a large initial investment.
It can add value to your home.
The amount of electricity produced is uncertain depending on weather conditions.
Can create income for you from the amount of electricity remaining
Must be maintained and cared for.
Can produce electricity of any size
Not every house is suitable for installing solar cells. You must study and calculate before deciding to install.


Save on electricity bills and good for the environment

A solar roof house can generate electricity for us to use for free up to 6-8 hours a day. It can be used every sunny day with no expiration date. This will save us up to 2,000-3,000 baht per month on our electricity bills.

In addition to saving money, it also helps nature. Helps reduce the release of carbon dioxide that is one of the factors causing global warming (Global Warming).

Can add value to your home, company as well as factory?

For residential homes, solar roofs must create more value for the home in the market than ordinary homes that are not installed. Because installing solar cell panels is becoming a trend that is starting to become very popular. Because the cost of electricity is only increasing day by day. As a result, people are looking for options to save money. Solar energy answers this point. Plus, homes that already have solar roofs installed mean they don’t have to waste time installing them.

Can create income for you from the amount of electricity remaining

Solar roof houses can also generate income for you from the excess electricity from your use by selling it back to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. It will purchase electricity at a price of 2.20 baht per unit for a contract period of 10 years. Details can be found at Metropolitan Electricity Authority website

As for companies or factories, they can create value and Sales income “Carbon credit” is simply explained: in the future, companies or factories that emit carbon dioxide will be punished. (such as collecting additional taxes) as required by law But what can be done to avoid being punished? Those companies or factories must go and buy. Carbon credits from companies or factories whose carbon dioxide emissions do not exceed are their own credits.

Which is not far off because it has been trading since 2012 in the United States and in 2020 the trading market value is 12,000 million baht and it is expected that Its value will increase 10-15 times in 2030.

Can produce electricity of any size

Solar roofs can produce electricity of any size. Small electric bulbs, floor fans, irons, 12,000 BTU air conditioners, to generating electricity for large factories.


Solar roofs require a large initial investment.

As everyone knows, solar roofs require a high initial investment. However, the cost depends on the size of the demand for electricity production. which you can make preliminary calculations from Table for evaluating electricity and value after installing a solar energy system

To solve this problem, J2GD has joined hands with banks to increase options for everyone. With a credit card installment payment system of 6 months/10 months and a long-term installment system of up to 8 years. You can read more details at Payment method

The amount of electricity produced is uncertain depending on weather conditions.

This is the main disadvantage of installing a solar roof. Because the production of electrical energy depends on the intensity of sunlight. If there is bad weather or rain on a day, it will be able to produce a small amount of electricity.

There must be maintenance and care.

Another thing that comes after installing a solar roof is maintenance. Normally, the solar panels should be cleaned at least 1-2 times a year to remove dust, bird droppings, or various mist stains so that our solar panels maintain the best possible condition for producing electricity.

Not every house is suitable for installing solar cells. You must study and calculate before deciding to install.

Many people think that a solar roof installation can be installed anywhere on the roof. But the truth is that each installation will have different performance.

This requires experts to survey the work site, analyze and consider solutions. Can go up and install have the right degree Check the falling shadow. And the roof has enough space to place solar panels. The most appropriate direction for installation is in the south. Because it will receive sunlight throughout the day.

Which house may be next to a tall building? or trees with shadows falling on them It may cause the inability to produce electricity efficiently.

In addition, those interested in installing should calculate their own daily electricity usage to see how much they use. In order to select the appropriate power capacity size and payback quickly

Some people may choose a production scale that is larger than necessary and costs will increase. The payback period will be slower. Although it is possible to sell electricity back to the Electricity Authority, it must be carefully calculated for its worthiness.

If anyone is interested in installing a solar roof Want to contact us for advice? or analyze the work site We are happy to serve you.

We will have an application called Solar System Planner That will help you evaluate the patterns of electricity usage in your daily life that will allow you to make a cost-effective investment plan and have a program to help. Design and evaluate solar roof installation points So that we can get the best installation point before the actual installation.

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