How many types of solar roof systems are there? So what type of house is suitable for us?

There are two types of commonly installed solar roof systems: On-Grid systems and Off-Grid systems. Each system has differences as follows.

On-Grid system

The On-Grid system is the system that has the most installations, both in terms of installation in residential homes. and installation in the form of large job sites The reason is that it is a solar rooftop system with the lowest investment because it does not require an energy storage system for use during periods when there is no sunshineThe nature of this system is that we take energy from solar and parallel it with electrical energy from electricity. The advantage of this type of installation is that we do not have to worry about whether at that time the electricity from the solar energy will be supplied to the home electrical system sufficiently or not. Because if the power from the solar energy is not produced enough due to various reasons such as rain, cloud cover, the system will automatically pull electrical energy from the electrical network to supply the lacking part.

By now, that way Energy Regulatory Commission and Electricity Authority There is a public sector solar project. In purchasing excess electrical energy produced from On-Grid rooftop solar systems installed in residential homes at the rate of 2.20 baht per unit in a long-term contract of up to 10 years, it is considered another advantage and Benefits received in the add-on

The disadvantage of the On-Grid system is the electrical stability that there will be no Back Up system during power outages. Because there is no backup energy storage system in case of a power outage.

on grid system

Off-Grid system

Off-Grid system is a system that does not have to depend on electricity from electricity at all. We may see this system in rural areas where the electricity system is not yet available. In addition to this, the On-Grid system can also be used with individual electrical appliances as well. One that many of you may be familiar with is a solar water pump, which is considered very beneficial to gardeners-farmers. There is no need to pull electricity to supply the water pump in the middle of the garden, which is quite a distance from the house.

This system requires an energy storage system, which is a battery, which increases electrical stability. Simply put, it’s like a Power Bank for mobile phones that many people carry. The reason for having it is other than being able to store electrical energy for use during the night. or during periods when there is no sun It will also be a reserve to store electrical energy before sending it to the electrical appliances This will be beneficial for motor-type electrical appliances that have relatively high mechanical torque at startup and therefore consume higher electricity than during normal operation as well. Therefore, during the sunny period when there is just enough cloud cover, there may be a situation where the motor cannot be run. Therefore, it is best to have a battery in the system first.

The disadvantage of the Off-Grid system would be the price of the batteries. Because if it is a large system that will use electricity during the night from all the batteries It is necessary to design the capacity of the battery to be large as well. It will also increase the cost of installing this part.

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