How do solar panels work?

If we talk about the most important equipment in a rooftop solar system, it cannot be anything other than solar panels. which in addition to being the most important equipment It is also the easiest indicator that our home has a rooftop solar system installed.

As you all probably already know, the solar power system is a system that changes the form of light intensity energy that is received for free and never runs out. Changed to a form of direct current (DC) electrical energy, which solar panels are devices that receive solar energy into the Cells and then react internally to be able to convert it into electrical energy itself.

The simple basic principle that causes this process is called the Photovoltaic Effect. It must be mentioned first that the cells inside the solar panel are made from a natural raw material called silicon mineral crystals, which is the sand that we can see on the beach. Therefore, Silicon crystals are very easily found in nature and are almost never depleted, just like sunlight.

Silicon mineral crystals have been modified to melt with heat and be used to create wafers*, which are silicon mineral crystals that come in sheets according to the thickness of each spec. and then cut them into sockets until assembled in order to fit into the solar panel layout frame.

The principle of generating electrical energy according to the Photovoltaic Effect principle must be said since light energy from the sun comes in the form of energy called “Photon” and hits the area of ​​the solar cell panel which contains a semiconductor made from silicon mineral crystals. P-Type semiconductor and N-Type semiconductor. When N-Type semiconductor receives photons that shine from the sun, it causesA reaction creates an “Electron” in the system. Electrons then run from the N semiconductor to the P semiconductor until a free electron is created and continues running outside, creating a DC electrical system that we can use. continue

Photovoltaic Effect

When talking about Cells inside a solar panel, it will be found that there are 2 main sizes, which are 60 and 72 Cells. Each Cell has a voltage drop between them of 0.5V, so technically it can be said That solar panels have a voltage level of approximately 30-36V, but now that there will be larger solar panels for use in commercial scale applications, there will be a large voltage drop between the cells. which is at the level of 0.6-0.7V per Cells, making newer solar panels have a voltage per panel of approximately 43-45V.

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