What is a Hybrid Inverter and how does it work?

After the previous article we introduced String Inverter และ Micro Inverter today we will get to know another type of Inverter called Hybrid Inverter. And before we understand the working principle of Hybrid Inverter, let’s explain how normal Inverter works first.

Normally, when the solar panels are exposed to sunlight, It will produce direct current (DC) electricity from the solar panels. The problem is that all electrical appliances in our home almost all support the alternating current (AC) electrical system. Therefore, the system must have an Inverter to change the electrical current form from DC to AC so that it can be used with electrical appliances in the home. can house

When talking about the Hybrid Inverter system, we may understand by the name that it is a hybrid between On-Grid and Off-Grid. The Off-Grid must have power backup in the battery to increase stability in the overall system even further. in the event of a power outage Or during times when we want to draw electricity from the battery to use, such as during the night.

In order to change the electricity from DC to AC, we will use an Inverter to change the electricity format. But if we want to change from AC to DC, another type of device called a Rectifier will be used. Therefore, the concept of a Hybrid Inverter will have both an Inverter and a Rectifier together in one device. This means that the Hybrid Inverter will be able to use electricity from the Grid to Charge into the Battery.

With the above mentioned, it is enough to picture, right? That another device that is the main player in the Hybrid Inverter system must definitely be the Battery, because if the user wants to take advantage of installing solar cells during Evening or during a power outage It is necessary to have something to back up electricity, similar to the Power Bank that we use to charge mobile phones.

But as already mentioned, the Hybrid Inverter will have a Rectifier included in the device. Therefore, when that day there is not enough sunlight to fully charge the battery. It will still be able to pull electricity from the Grid to work and charge the Battery. And of course. That if we don’t connect the Battery while using the Hybrid Inverter, we will still be able to connect it to work.The normal Grid-Tie system works as well. Therefore, the electricity produced as a yield can be obtained from sunlight if it is large enough. Instead of charging the battery, it can be exported to be sold back like normal On-Grid as well.

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