What important equipment does a solar roof system or solar rooftop have?

When it comes to installation equipment, you might have some familiarity. However, in this article, we’ll delve deeper into their roles and fundamental operational principles. Before moving forward, let’s identify the diverse equipment types required for the installation of a rooftop solar system.

Solar panel or PV Module

Solar panels or Photovoltaic (PV) Modules stand as the foremost component in the system. As of the time of writing, prevalent technologies include Monocrystalline Half cells or N-Type cells, presenting options for individuals to choose from based on their preferred installation technology.

The solar panel is an important factor because it is the part that converts solar energy into electrical energy through the cells inside the solar panel. The raw material used is silicon mineral crystals. Let’s melt it and make it into pieces and form into solar panels that everyone has seen with their own eyes.

Solar cell panels available for purchase come with specified power ratings, like 320W, 450W, or 550W, indicating their respective power output capacities. This power output varies based on the panel’s size. Larger power capacities correlate with larger solar panels housing cells of increased individual size. This larger cell size facilitates enhanced conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, contributing to higher overall power generation capabilities of the panel.



Inverter is the next device that will come in a rooftop solar system. For residential homes that use AC or alternating current electrical equipment. You will have to find a device that converts the electrical form that comes from solar panels. DC (Direct Current) is converted to AC first.

An inverter is equipped with an internal circuit designed to transform electrical formats, converting them into specific electrical waveforms and frequencies. Its primary function is to convert the generated electricity into a format that closely resembles the electrical output typically received from the grid.

Each model of the inverter will come with a Rated Output, typically measured in kilowatts (kW), indicating the amount of power it can handle. It’s crucial to align the chosen inverter model and size with the number of solar panels intended for installation. Ensuring compatibility between the inverter’s capacity and the total power output from the installed solar panels is essential. If the inverter’s output capacity exceeds the power generated by the installed solar panels, it might lead to potential issues or damage to the inverter. Matching the inverter’s capacity to the combined power output of the solar panels is critical for optimal system performance and safety.


Combiner Box

Combiner Box is a set of switches is essential in a solar rooftop system. These switches act as cutoff points between the solar panels and the inverter, as well as between the inverter and the electrical cabinet of a residential home. Their primary purpose is to facilitate future servicing by enabling safe disconnection at critical junctures between systems, which are pivotal yet delicate connection points.

The presence of these switches is crucial for system safety, including the protection of the home’s electrical mains. They serve as a safeguard mechanism in case of emergencies such as a short circuit, ensuring the inverter and overall system are shielded from potential damage or hazards.

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