We design and evaluate solar roof installation points.

At J2GD Energy Company, we have Program PVSYST, a program that we purchase a license from a solar cell system developer in Switzerland. Overall, it is world-class software that most investors use. For example, banks or leasing will provide trust in providing funds for investment in installing solar cells on a large scale such as Commercial, Investing Scale.

which J2GD invested in to use in estimating the break-even point or the power units received in the actual installation area per month according to actual jobsite conditions. This will allow customers to get the most value from the installation of solar panels.

We also have a Meteor database that is used to collect data and analyze installation points, perform Shading Simulation, and analyze light obstruction from neighboring rooftops. Or things like trees, various electrical lines, etc., so that the solar panels Cells will be able to generate electricity as efficiently as possible, a program that leading institutions like Meteornorm and NASA are confident in and using.

Customers can be confident that if you choose to install solar panels with J2GD, you will receive the most suitable and best installation for generating electricity.


Some samples of our work:



consulting service

We offer free consultations and site assessments in Bangkok and Surrounding areas.




Break-Even Calculations

Our Solar System Planner can help you understand your daily electricity usage and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.


Design and estimate solar roof mounting points

We use world-class 3D modelling software to create a 3D model of the installation.


Rooftop Solar Mounting

Solar Roof Installation, On-Grid, Hybrid System Per IEC, TIS Standard.



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