Solar Cell Rooftop Installation Services in Thailand

Solar Cell Rooftop installation services in Thailand , On-Grid, Hybrid system according to IEC, TIS Standard. IEC, TIS Standard

J2GD Energy Company (J2GD Enegy) we are expert in Solar Cell Rooftop Installation Services in Thailand by designs and installs electricity generation systems. from solar energy, On-Grid system, Hybrid system. We can install a variety of sizes. Can be used in both residential homes and businesses, hotels. From the founder’s experience in working with electrical power systems for more than 12 years, along with a team of electricians who are experts in electrical work and roofing work with experience. With standard quality and modern products, we are confident in delivering the best system to customers.

Installation size

Warranty after solar cell rooftop installation

Service for submitting applications for installation and sale of electricity is with the Electricity Authority.

J2GD Energy Company (J2GD Enegy) provides services for submitting installation and submitting matters for selling back electricity with the electrical authority.

We have engineers who can sign and certify professional engineer documentation (certificate of professional engineering) and create a Single Line Diagram, as well as collect all documents to receive authorization to perform installation work.

Entering into a power purchase contract for a solar power production project Also known as the SCOD contract with the electricity authority of each district. Including submitting documents to register exemptions with the Energy Regulatory Commission agency.

We can say that we are solar roof installers. that provides complete services in one place, from consulting, design, document submission, installation, and after-sales service.

Solare Cell Rooftop design and install electrical generation systems from solar energy (Solar cell rooftop)

By a team of expert electrical engineers and an experienced installation team Distribute and install EV Chargers with quality after-sales service.

Some samples of our work:



consulting service

We offer free consultations and site assessments in Bangkok and Surrounding areas.




Break-Even Calculations

Our Solar System Planner can help you understand your daily electricity usage and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.


Design and estimate solar roof mounting points

We use world-class 3D modelling software to create a 3D model of the installation.


Rooftop Solar Mounting

Solar Roof Installation, On-Grid, Hybrid System Per IEC, TIS Standard.



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